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Industrial Controls BoxWe design, install and program BAS- Building Automation Systems, HVAC & refrigeration controls, energy monitoring, pulse modulating systems, contactor controlled lighting and equipment. With certifications in CPC, Danfoss, Novar and Distech with experience in EIL and com-trol. Also Fire Alarm systems and security intrusion systems.

There are two common classes of HVAC control systems, with many variations and combinations: logic or sequential controls, and feedback or linear controls. There is also fuzzy logic, which attempts to combine some of the design simplicity of logic with the utility of linear control. Some devices or systems are inherently not controllable.

The term “control system” may be applied to the essentially manual controls that allow an operator to, for example, close and open a hydraulic press, where the logic requires that it cannot be moved unless safety guards are in placeAn automatic sequential control system may trigger a series of mechanical actuators in the correct sequence to perform a task. For example various electric and pneumatic transducers may fold and glue a cardboard box, fill it with product and then seal it in an automatic packaging machine.